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Welcome to Dylan's XML Office Database


The program helps to create 9 different types of xml file each having a different format. The program has editors that create the records when given information. The xml can be converted into xaml and many of the file types can be written as rtf or txt. The Text Editor can be used as a primitive notepad. Now the text editor has basic printing support (just set the printer you want to use a s default and set all the settings then print). More information and help can be retrieved by sending an email to me using the address The saving system used is similar to the one of Dylan's XAML Word, another program made by me. If someone wants the XSD files that specify the format of the xml files may contact me.


To run the source code Visual Studio 2008 or Visual Basic 2008 Express is required. The .Net Framework 3.5 abd .NET 3.5 SP1 are needed. Pleas0e use the source code to build a copy of the program only. Don't try to modify the code.


The current version is and the source code and installer may be downloaded from the downloads tab. This version makes the program more intelligent. Important the files have to be re-generated using the transcription command as now the files have <Type /> element added to the beginning of the XML to indicate the type of XML file. The files that have this element make your life aesier as you don't have to remember which editor you created them with. You only have to Ctrl+D and the proper editor opens. If you need help send to
Many new features have been added such as a simple text editor and even a web browser.

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